Wednesday, 19 August 2009


My on going bibliography for my practice and my PhD research:

(for research interests across practice and PhD research)

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Friday, 7 August 2009

Statement, July 2009.

A statement written for the Degree Show catalogue:

My practice is based on walking, that is, walking as a fundamentally creative spatial practice – a process of experience and documentation that produces narratives. The word ‘psychogeography’ is a useful term in describing this practice, in that it is concerned, primarily, with experiences of urban and suburban environments – I am fascinated by buildings, public spaces, monuments, and how memory and narrative become manifest in physical spaces. The work is informed, creatively and theoretically, by a number of spatial practices that can all be described as, or have some aspect that is, psychogeographical.

This body of work presents an experience of an urban environment. It is in many ways an exercise and experiment in shifting perceptions of the city. However, the work does not seek to politicise (although there are political aspects), nor to present a particular message (although there messages buried within the work). This is not what concerns me here. Instead the work seeks to question, and in turn, to open up new ways of experiencing urban environments. It is here that the practices gathered under the term psychogeography are most relevant, as it is psychogeography that symbolically transforms our everyday experiences of these urban spaces.

In short the work is a direct response to the built environment - the photographs compose themselves, texts written by semiotic stimulus. Through the creation of disjunctions and discordance within the work, just as in the changing of our reasons for movement through the city, our perceptions of the representations of these spaces can be changed.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Compton Road

Sunshine on windscreens in the street,
populated by the semiotics of property.
'The big season kick-off preview',
tribalised by black and gold,
united by carling and vodkaredbull violence.

Friday, 24 July 2009

new works, thoughts on degree show, PhD.

some things I'm working on:

- I'm planning to make a film using the nightvision button on the camcorder. I plan to head over to West Park once it gets dark, sometime next week, and shoot some stuff, either walking around the park (as you cant go in at night) or shots with a static camera. I'll either leave it without sound, or maybe add walking sounds, or the sound of lots of people, whatever seems to fit.

- Drawings made by walking. I've recently discovered the artist Tim Knowles, who creates contraptions that produce drawings ( I want to do something similar, but for walking. I want to make something that will record the action of walking. I figure I can do thing with a box, lined with paper, either with a pen on a spring that would make marks as you walk, or a tin of paint with a small hole in the bottom that would make lines as you walked. I'm a little concerned as its not a very original idea, but I think it'll produce some interesting drawings so i'm going to do it anyway.

- I'm also writing poem-type things. Inspired by particular places. Dunno what they are or what they're doing yet.

- Found Abstracts. Pretty self-explanatory - photographing abstract things found on the streets whilst walking about (lampposts are a rich mine of these).

For the degree show that is looming, I'm planning an installation. A series of slides (some general city shots, some found abstracts, some monument shots) set to a soundtrack. I want the soundtrack to be quite long, with various different types of sound recorded in different places.

As for my PhD funding applications, the AHRC have decided whether or not to give me some money, but I have to wait till the get round to sending me the letter. Wolves uni are also offering 5 PhD studentships, so I'm going to have a go at that too. I reckon I should be in with a shout as my proposal has already been accepted.

Monday, 20 July 2009

A Poem (of sorts)

Staffordshire House, Fold Street

5.30, waiting.
An alienated pedestrian,
please see reception.

as drivers follow
one way systems between interiors
lone motorists ignore lone pedestrians

Attention: delivery drivers visiting this
site must reverse under supervision.

Everyone is liable for prosecution

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Degree Show Plans

following the meeting yesterday, I now have, provisionally, two projection booth type spaces in which display some work. As I've written in previous posts, the work I'm planning to exhibit is a kind of srtipped down montage: images and sound, but from two different sources. In one of the booths I'm planning to display a projection work/film about a Russian war memorial in Riga that I photographed. For the soundtrack I was planning on writing something (a history of the occupation of Latvia, a poem etc), or using a section from a text, then getting my grandma, who speaks fluent Latvian, to translate it into Latvian. I would then read it out and record it.

As for the other booth I'd like to do something with Matt. We've collaborated previously and share common ground when it comes to practice, so I think it'd be a good way to finish our MA's if we were to collaborate on something. What I'd like to do is again along the lines of images and sound, something about urban experiences. I'd like Matt to make a soundtrack and me to put images to it. Something along those lines

I'm also working on a series of photographs - found abstracts. I'd like to, if there's space, display some of these in the show.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Plans for my Final Semester

Some things Alistair said to me whilst half-cut last Friday: firstly, that I'm doing the right thing pursuing a theory based PhD, and secondly that, in the meantime, I cant forget that I'm still on a practice based MA course. My research proposal for said theory based PhD (90k words - I'm really in for it) has been passed and approved, my funding application (which everything is now hanging on) is in, so I've got a whole summer ahead of me to fill with practice. Here are my plans:
- Found abstracts: an idea thats been kicking around for a while, so I thought I'd do something with it.
- black and white super 8 films. an idea I had when I was thinking about hand processing some super 8 stock. I wanted, originally, to film out of a train window at night then process it as a negative, but Idont think this'll work because of reflections, so it might now be a film, still in negative, of streetlights and car headlights. In negative so the lights appear as black spots on a white and grey background. I might also make the film where I video west park at night using the night vision function on the camcorder; film looking into the park at night through the fence, then adding some kind of soundtrack. I recorded a conversation some people were having in the post office queue the other day, so maybe that.
- I'm still making films (a series of images with a soundtrack of some sort, a kind of stripped down montage), and I think this is the main contender for the degree show in september. Though I dont want to display it as a film as such. I want to separate out the images from the sound. I want to use slides for the images as I think there's something about a darkened room with a slide projector whirring away, along with recorded sounds, and I'd like to capture this in this work if I can. I'd also like to collaborate with Matt on this as there's common ground here.
- 12 Photographs (the Center of the Universe). Being the title of a project (see previous posts). I'm thinking that this will now be a book.